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About Jacqui

Jacqui Bomar

Jacqui Bomar, President & Owner

Jacqui started her career in the radio industry in Massachusetts.  After a brief stint working in Public Relations for a natural history museum, she worked as the Marketing Manager for the Worcester, MA Telegram, a large city newspaper.  She was hired by SMG, a facility management company, to be part of the grand opening team at the Broward County/Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center.  A year later, she was recruited to Rhode Island as the Director of Marketing & Public Relations at the Rhode Island Convention Center.  She was responsible for the grand opening events and then moved to Philadelphia to work in marketing for the City’s arena.  In 1995, Jacqui was recruited to a company in Charlotte where she built an events team and managed more than 70 city-wide conventions over six years.  These events took her all over the country and internationally as well.

In 2001, Jacqui decided to resign and take a break.  She traveled to New Zealand and Australia, Peru and the Dominican Republic, before founding JBM & Associates in Charleston, SC. 

“I started spending more and more time with my family in Charleston.  I wanted to be closer to my Mom as she went through a difficult personal time.  After writing 200 pages of my memoir that still sits in a box, I traveled to Peru on a mission trip.  When I got back to Charleston, I decided it was time to start my own business.  I have an entrepreneurial spirit and had always known I would have my own business.  I never dreamed the direction it would take.  I didn’t know many people in Charleston, but after networking I was offered a challenge and what a challenge it would be.  I had gotten a call from the GM of the Charleston Area Convention Center Complex about producing a boat show.  It was in trouble and needed someone to get it back on track.  After meeting with a group of Charleston boat dealers who had a negative situation the previous year, I was given the opportunity to produce the 2002 Charleston Boat Show.  It was an interesting and unforgettable start with 9/11 occurring in the midst of the planning process.  Launching a company can be a big challenge, but to start with a boat show that no one wanted to talk to me about, proved to test me and my determination in many ways.”

“The good news is that families in the Charleston market flocked to the event and I learned a lesson.  There is something special about this coastal city and the passion they have for family and life on the water.  With the aftermath of the tragedy, people still longed to celebrate life, and what better way than The Charleston Boat Show.  And so, JBM & Associates was launched with the 2002 Charleston Boat Show.”

“The following year, we added The Savannah Boat Show to our annual slate of events.  In 2004, we created the St. Augustine Boat Show, and then in 2008, we produced the Jacksonville Boat Show and branched out into women’s shows, health and wellness and business events. In 2014, JBM started a spring boat show in Charleston called The Charleston In-Water Boat Show, held annually at the Bristol Marina and Brittlebank Park in downtown Charleston. In 2015, we went back to our boat show roots and only produce boat shows now.

“In 2016, the Wilmington Boat Show was launched with rave reviews after several years of planning.  I had wanted to do a boat show in Wilmington for the past ten years and had to be patient and wait for the right time. That was not easy for me, but I am so proud of what my team and I accomplished with this new show. I’m looking forward to seeing where it can go and feel it will have a very long life.”

About Debbie

Debbie Taylor

Debbie Taylor, Director of Operations

Debbie has been with JBM since 2007, following a career in the medical management and home building field.  She started like most people in a small business, by having a lot of different things thrown at her.  Some duties included promotions, bookkeeping, managing the office needs, media coordinating, and sales.  

Fast forward to many positions later, she is now the Director of Operations, handling budgets, logistics, promotions, contracts, show details and office management.  The best thing about her is her loyalty to our company and to all of our clients. She is always smiling, even through the toughest situations.  You will see her on-site, but get out of her way, she moves fast!

Originally from Mount Airy, NC, Debbie moved to Greenville in 1996 and now has four children and three grandchildren.  Hobbies include running in 5 & 10k’s, watching her children play sports and spending quality time with her children, family and friends.

About Chelsea

Chelsea Lupo

Chelsea Lupo, Event Manager/Sales

In 2011 I attended Greenville Technical Collage working toward my degree of become an ultrasound technician. As the year went on I questioned my career path and decided to take a semester off from school. This would allow me the time needed to regroup and figure out exactly what it was I wanted to do. I have always had a passion for event planning; however had no knowledge of what steps I needed to take to make it happen. My mother wanted to help me find a lead and little did I know she pulled out the phonebook and called the first Event Company she found, JBM & Associates.

My mother spoke with Debbie Taylor, Director of Operations at JBM about how she got started in events and asked for tips or advice for someone starting out in the field. JBM was actually looking for an intern; my mother requested her contact information and passed it along to me. After I was over the initial l shock of my mother taking matters into her own hands, I became thrilled about the possibility of this opportunity. I interviewed with Debbie the next week and the following week with Jacqui. Luckily, I was given the wonderful opportunity of the internship.

The following semester I went back to school for Business management. I continued to work with JBM & Associates as I worked toward my degree. For the next few years I helped with logistical aspects of the Women’s shows, The Charleston Boat show and The Savanah Boat show. I also directed the first year of Coffee Talk and Greenville Business Expo. The experience I received from working these shows is something I’ll always be grateful for.